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Empowering Decisions Through Contactless Sensing


Vital View Technologies is developing solutions for real-world challenges and enabling decision-making through a non-contact sensor-based platform.

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The VitalSense System 

Vital View Technologies' underlying technology is based on pioneering work in Radio Frequency (RF) Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) combined with a proprietary software defined radio (SDR), an optimized antenna array and unique algorithms. The result is a large data-rich output which is sensitive to a wide range of target characteristics such as movement, resistivity, and inorganic matter, etc.

VVT Platform
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Non-Contact Connected Care Solution 

Vital View Technologies' beachhead market is at-home healthcare.

Our mission is to dramatically improve the health outcomes of chronically ill patients and reduce hospital burden by developing contactless solutions for the hospital-at-home. 


The Vital View Team

Our team's experience and expertise spans from cutting-edge university research to developing and commercializing technology and products. 


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Rick Snyder, MD FACC


Tom Pratt, PhD

Press Releases

July 1, 2024
Vital View Technologies appoints Cassandra Adams as interim CEO to mark new high-growth phase.
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